What’s Involved in Filing a Personal Injury Claim After a Car Accident?


Serious car accidents that have resulted in personal injuries to one or more passengers or drivers can have a devastating impact on the victims’ health and well-being. Thankfully, victims are often able to receive the monetary compensation that they need to pay for advanced medical care and make up for lost wages due to their injuries. Those who have been injured in a car accident should look into hiring a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after the accident has occurred and should read on to find out a little bit more about the process of filing a claim to improve their chances of receiving sufficient compensation. Great BMW X3 personal Contract Hire Deals, affordable Leasing and personal Car Lease Offers on your next Used Toyota Car.

Preparing for a Consultation

The first step to take is to schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer. Before this consultation, the accident victim should gather all relevant information, including insurance documents, photos of the accident site and injuries, medical records, and any bills that have resulted from the injury. The lawyer will need this information in order to develop a case.

Investigation and Discovery

During the investigation phase, the victim’s lawyer will evaluate the documents and information offered during the consultation, collaborate with other experts, and collect information about the liable party. The information gathered during the discovery phase will be used to establish a case later on in the process.

Pre-Trial Resolution

Many personal injury cases can be resolved outside of court through negotiations with both involved parties and their insurance companies. If a settlement is reached, the liable party’s insurance company will agree to reimburse the victim according to the contract established during negotiation. It’s best never to settle with an insurance company without first consulting a lawyer who can offer information regarding whether or not the settlement seems fair.

Filing a Lawsuit

When an appropriate settlement cannot be agreed upon, the case will have to go to trial. During this phase, the victim’s lawyer should put all of his or her focus on fighting for the compensation that he or she deserves. This often requires the development of a detailed legal strategy, so it’s always best to hire a lawyer who has plenty of experience with taking personal injury cases to trial.