What to Do If You Were Involved in An Accident During an Uber Journey


Uber is one of the most popular ridesharing apps out there and so unfortunately there will be times when a passenger is involved in an accident when riding in an Uber. Knowing what to do when this happens ensures that you have everything you need to make a claim if you have been injured. You will also be called on as a witness if the accident involved other passengers or caused injury to others, so having as much information as possible about the driver and the crash will assist any court case. Here are the steps you should follow if you are involved in an Uber accident.

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Call 911

The first thing you should do in any crash is make sure everyone is safe. If this is not the case, paramedics are the first emergency service you should contact. You will also need to contact the police as they will need to be informed of the accident and any vehicles involved if the Uber driver hasn’t already done so.

It may be that the crash was very minor and 911 don’t need contacted.

Document the Accident

Once the correct people have been contacted, you need to get as much evidence as possible about the incident. This means writing down what happened while it is still clear in your memory as well as taking photographs of the accident. You can use photos taken on a cell phone in a court case, so don’t be afraid to get plenty. Obtain license plate numbers as well as phone numbers. You also should contact Uber directly to tell them you have been in an accident. You can do this easily on their app. If there were any other witnesses, you should also get a statement from them as you may not have been able to see what happened from the back seat.

Get Professional Advice

Being the victim of a car accident is daunting and if you have been injured during the accident, then you are well within your rights to make a claim. Your best bet is finding a lawyer that is experienced in rideshare accident claims as they can provide you with all the information you need to make a claim and assist you through the whole process. If your Uber driver was carelessly driving, making a claim also ensures that this doesn’t happen to another rideshare customer. That is why it’s so important to document everything you can as soon as the crash has happened. It may be that you notice something unusual in the driver’s behavior – if this is the case, you should report this to the police when they arrive on scene as they may carry out alcohol and drug tests on the driver.

Being involved in an accident can be difficult, and often it can happen so quickly that you forget major details. Document everything you can after the accident and be sure to seek professional legal advice.