Knowing the Types of Passports that You Need when Visiting Other Countries


Do you want to make a passport? Know in advance what types of passports. A passport is one of the important documents that is really needed when you want to travel between countries. This passport will be the key to allow you to enter another country when you want to visit. Of course, in addition to a passport, there must be a valid visa. to get a valid visa is not easy, you have to fill in all your details before making a visa, now Hermis & Associates can help you to make a valid visa, not only that, Hermis & Associates is also an expert in making offshore partner visas, onshore partner visas, student visa and many more. As for the type of offshore partner visa, you can get information on the page

For now, You need to know, that the passport has several types according to the function and purpose. This happens because the passport ownership is following the objectives of the owner. Therefore, when you are about to make a passport it is necessary to emphasize what the purpose of making the passport is so that the Immigration will make a passport that is suitable for you.

The procedure for making a passport is not too complicated. Especially at this time, there are procedures for making a passport that can be done online. On the official website there are several choices of types of passports that suit your interests in making a passport.

Choose what suits your purpose when making a passport. Some countries issue passports taking into account the needs and objectives of the applicant for making a passport. Here are some types of passports in Indonesia:

Ordinary passport

Standard passports issued by several countries in the public interest as documents that can be used as a tool for entry into other countries when traveling to other countries. This passport is usually in the form of a small book with a green cover. This is the most passport owned by citizens. Most likely you also have this type of passport.

Official or official passport

A passport that is owned by a government agency employee when he is about to do an overseas assignment. Passport holders who have a blue cover will get some convenience that is not obtained by ordinary passport holders. Usually, they hold work visits or comparative studies. It can also hold meetings between state agencies.

Foreign passport

Passports issued to foreigners who are not citizens. This type of passport can be arranged by each country under different conditions. An example of this foreign passport is a passport given by the Saudi Arabian government to prospective pilgrims who will perform the pilgrimage to Mecca. Of course, the form of this passport is not much different from other types of passports.

Group passport

Do you want to travel to a country family in rollicking? Most likely you need a passport of this type. Because of the type of passport given to a group of people or groups who are traveling abroad. Not just traveling but also for the comparative study of school children, short courses and summer school.

Diplomatic passport

As the name suggests, this is the type of passport that is used by government employees who will make special trips abroad related to government. Like the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who will conduct negotiations in friendly countries.

Those are some types of passports issued in several countries. You who will make a passport, of course, must know this in advance so that the passport that you will make following your goals and needs. Do not make mistakes, because it results in not receiving documents when making a visa. Or refusal at the immigration office of the destination country.