Early Release from Jail before Court Dates


Early Release from Jail before Court Dates

If you are not a violent offender and pose no flight risk to the community, you could be allowed to get out of jail and go home before your next court date. After you have been formally arraigned, you may be given the opportunity to post a bail or bond. The amount of money you have to post will depend on the crime you have been charged with and whether or not you have a prior criminal history.

Even in the best of circumstances, however, your bail or bond amount could be thousands or even tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. When you do not have this amount of cash in your bank account, you may need to use some sort of financing to put up at least 10 percent of it. By taking advantage of a short term bank loan, pay advance, or montgomery county bail bonds, defendants like you could satisfy the terms for getting out of jail and going home to your family before your trial or sentencing date.

Applying Online

After you are arraigned, you can call a bondsman to ask about getting bail or bond posted for you at the courthouse. However, some agencies may require you to apply online. If the jail house where you are locked up right now does not allow you to use the Internet, you may need someone to fill out the application for you.

Whoever is applying for you can access the application on the bail bonds company’s website. The website is accessible 24 hours a day any day of the week. The application will be reviewed right away even on weekends and holidays so you do not have to sit in jail longer than necessary.

You also may have someone call on your behalf and explain the legal situation you are in right now. Once the bail bondsman knows what you have been charged with and what your bail or bond amount is, he or she may be willing to post the amount needed to secure your release. The company is also open 24 hours a day for your convenience.